Greatest American Painters

Charles Edward Proctor (1866 – 1950)

Posted by M.R.N. on August 20, 2012

Portrait Of A Lady As Diana

The Gentleman Caller

Snowy River Landscape


6 Responses to “Charles Edward Proctor (1866 – 1950)”

  1. Bruce said

    Two out of three keepers here. “Diana,” because I like her expression and moon tiara, and “The Gentleman Caller” which I have taken upon myself to subtitle “Diffident, Demure, and Disapproving” (from left to right).

    • vincenzo said

      I think you’re right, Bruce. Should be virtually the embarrassing scene in which a lover comes to the home of his beloved, where he will subjected to the approval of the girl’s father, rather severe. To me this suggests the scene.

  2. John Riemer said

    Charles E Proctor was a close friend of my Greatgrand parents,John and Eloise Adams who named their son Charles Proctor Adams.The artist painted portraits of them and a landscape

    • Michael A. Reed said

      Would love to see portrait of Mt. Vernon Adams family. Aunt Nell was my G Grandfather Alberts oldest sister. Have been in the Mt. Vernon home on Overlook St.

  3. John R Riemer said

    Michael, sorry I haven’t checked this sight before this,let me know how to contact you with pictures

    • Michael Albert Reed said

      /Users/mike/Desktop/Aunt Nell & Champion Chow.jpg/Users/mike/Desktop/137OverlookSt1920+2000.jpg
      Trying to send along a couple of pictures of great Aunt Nell from NY. You are a cousin if your mom is Lois.

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