Greatest American Painters

Julian Rix (1850 – 1903)

Posted by M.R.N. on August 18, 2012

Sacramento River At Sunset

La Barranca Honda, Carmel Valley, Monterey

Storm Over The Divide

The Redwoods

California Sunset

A California Valley

A Grand Old Oak

Twilight Scene With Stream And Redwood Trees –
Landscape With A House Near A Lake

Mountain Waterfall

A Tonal Landscape At Sunset

Trout Stream And Mountains

Through The Grove

The Coming Storm

Passing Clouds Over A Meadow

Path To A Hilltop Village – Trees, Sun And Clouds

Summer Field


Mt. Tamalpais Landscape

Scene Near Patterson, New Jersey

On The Path To The Water

Winter Sunset

River Landscape

Farallones Islands


4 Responses to “Julian Rix (1850 – 1903)”

  1. vincenzo said

    Hi all! I’m still awake because in my house is too hot, and I do not use neither the fan nor the air conditioner. So I have decide to take mental fresh up a bit with the landscapes of this good painter. I like so much the trees and brooks that he painted in abundance. I think he had a great passion for nature. This is evident from the lush trees and from the twisted trunks, and also by the abundance of water there was in the woods at the his time.

  2. Don Hyde said

    How have I missed this painter?!! Great, Great stuff!! Thanks for the turn on.

  3. Julian Rix is one of my favorite painters. So under rated. I love his work. Thanks for sharing this.

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