Greatest American Painters

Jeremiah Theus (1716 – 1774)

Posted by M.R.N. on August 14, 2012

Mrs. Gardner Greene

Colonel Barnard Elliott jr.

Mrs. Barnard Elliott jr. (Mary Elizabeth Bellinger Elliott)

Mary Mazyck

William Mazyck

Portrait Of A Man (probably Isaac Holmes)

Polly Ouldfield of Winyah

Elizabeth Rothmahler

James Cuthbert

Mary Cuthbert (Mrs. James Cuthbert)

Mrs. Thomas Lynch (Elizabeth Allston Lynch)

Mr. Isaac Motte

Mary Broughton (Mrs. Isaac Motte)

Elizabeth Prioleau Rupell

William Wragg

Mary Trusler

Benjamin Smith

Elizabeth Savage Branford

Dr. James Skirving

Captain James Skirving jr.

Mrs. James Skirving (Sarah Vinson)

Charles Lowndes

Mrs. Charles Lowndes (Sarah Parker)

Mrs. Rawlins Lowndes (Sarah Jones)

William Elliott

Mrs. Martha Vinson

Portrait Of A Child

Judge Thomas Heyward

Elizabeth Clifford Wayne

Elias Ball


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  1. Bruce said

    My gosh, but these are dreadful. Terrible likenesses, amateurishly painted. Is it my imagination or do many of the faces appear very similar, particularly the females?

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