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Rose Datoc Dall (1968)

Posted by M.R.N. on August 8, 2012

First News Of The Resurrection

Creation Of Eve

Five That Were Wise

Escape By Night


Hope Of Israel

Mary And Joseph

Waiting Upon The Lord (Wise Virgin)

Young Son Of Man And Mother

Having Left Eden

The Beguiling

Weathering Autumn

Three Days For Esther

Mary Pondereth

White Apple Gatherer


Joseph Smith – Modern Prophet

Joseph And Emma

Dignity And Majesty



Endless Pursuit of Sleep

Alla Prima


© Rose Datoc Dall

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2 Responses to “Rose Datoc Dall (1968)”

  1. Fabio said

    Strepitosa come posiziona le figure nella scena, le luci le forme. Magia pura.
    Non voglio essere blasfemo, ma mi ricorda molto un grandissimo illustratore/fumettista di nome Adam Hughes.

    Fabio B.

  2. vincenzo said

    In my opinion, the thing that most characterizes the paintings of this woman artist is drawing strong woman and decided that surrounds the subjects in the foreground, which well stand out from the background. The scenes from the Gospel accounts are represented very well, and according to her own sensibility.
    In some cases the composition of scenes, with drawing very marked, it seems to me in connection with the stained glass windows that adorn the antique churches.

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