Greatest American Painters

Robert Hilbert

Posted by American Gallery on August 6, 2012

Love To Sally

Cowboy Kid Takes A Bath

Cowboy Kid

Cowboy Vs. Spaceman

Be My Valentine

To Mom, To Daddy, To Sally

Esquire illustration


They Called Her Mariposa Lil

Miss Temptation

Girl Shy

Catch A Tiger

title unknown

Don’t Baby Me

Young Couple

Silver Cups

Broadway Calling

Below Zero

TV Reception

Larcenous Lady

So I’m A Bum

Country Club Affair

The Wonderful Night




3 Responses to “Robert Hilbert”

  1. T Blue said

    These are great. Beautiful illustrations. I like that he does family friendly stuff as well as pulp covers. Thanks for sharing.

  2. vincenzo said

    I think that sometimes is good to see even this kind of figurative expression, which can be called popular. And American Gallery, in my opinion, is a blog truly unique in being able to propose, with imagination and simplicity, a wide range of artistic styles, such as to satisfy some ‘all those who love the arts, understood in the broadest sense of the term. A single genre, would have only affect on a small number of fans, but in the end would be a bit ‘dull and boring. This also applies to music, in its broadest sense, that as the painting develops in many genres. In fact, there is classical music, the light, rock, folk, etc …, which are different genres, but always expressions of the soul.

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