Greatest American Painters

Elizabeth Nourse (1860 – 1938)

Posted by M.R.N. on July 22, 2012

In The Church At Volendam

The Mother

Two Dutch Children

Coming Home From Church, Brittany

The Little Sister

A Mother And Child

Happy Days

Cappuchin Monk



Head Of An Algerian – Moorish Prince


The Sewing Lesson

Endimanche, Brittany

title unknown

Fisher Girl Of Picardy


Peasant, Brittany

Mother And Child

Woman With A Harp

Breton Interior

The Church Of St. Francis Of Assisi

The New Shoe

Head Of A Girl

title unknown

Belgian Maid

title unknown


An Hour Of Leisure

Portrait Sketch Of Miss Palmer


3 Responses to “Elizabeth Nourse (1860 – 1938)”

  1. Bruce said

    This woman painted as if she lived in two different centuries, which, of course, she did.

    • vincenzo said

      It ‘s true, she has lived in two different centuries, but the pictorial point of view it seems to me that she did it very well, so I would say excellent. Beautiful scenes of peasant and family life, accompanied by a certain religious sentiment.

  2. beeskep said

    Excellent. Love this one. Thank you.

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