Greatest American Painters

Joseph Blackburn (1700 – 1780)

Posted by American Gallery on July 12, 2012

Susan Apthorp (Mrs. Thomas Bulfinch)

Captain John Pigott

Mrs. John Pigott

Abigail Chesebrough (Mrs. Alexander Grant)

Gillam Phillips

Mrs. Gillam Phillips (Marie Faneuil)

Lieutenant General Jeffery Amherst

Elizabeth Browne Rogers

Hugh Jones

Colonel Theodore Atkinson

Andrew Faneuil Phillips

Ann Phillips

Isaac Winslow And His Family

Thomas Hughes

Elizabeth Hughes

Lt. Colonel Thomas Dowdeswell

Hannah Babcock (Mrs. John Bours)

Mary Lea (Mrs. John Harvey)

James Pitts

Mrs. James Pitts

John Browne

Eunice Fitch

Mary Sylvester

Portrait Of A Woman

Abigail Russell Curwen

A Military Officer


3 Responses to “Joseph Blackburn (1700 – 1780)”

  1. Bruce said

    Mrs. Bulfinch is the only one here with with any vivacity. Study her face, then scroll through the remaining portraits. The rest of these subjects look vacant-minded and insipid. I wonder if this was just by accident or whether Mr. Blackburn had feelings for her. It’s probably just my imagination but I like the speculation.

    • Suzay Lamb said

      Susan Apthorp was born in Boston on October 8, 1734. She married Thomas Bulfinch on September 13, 1759 and had five children: Thomas, Charles (one of the most important American architects, appointed by President Monroe, he constructed the Capitol’s central section), Sukey (Susan, a “bright and lovely girl” whose early death on her 15th birthday left her parents broken-hearted), Anna and Elizabeth. According to some family papers Mrs. Bulfinch was intelligent and witty and was “interested in national and international news”. She died on February 15, 1815. Definitely a great woman.

      • Bruce said

        Then she deserves her applied vivacity and her portrait deserves to be part of my collection! Thanks.

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