Greatest American Painters

Laura Woodward (1834 – 1926)

Posted by M.R.N. on July 10, 2012

By The Stream

Landscape (possibly Clarendon, Vermont)

title unknown

Fort Dallas, Miami River At Biscayne Bay

The Everglades

Gloucester Harbor

Gloucester Harbor

The Breakers

Palm Beach Trail

A View Across The Pond

Afterglow Skyline Of St. Augustine

Florida Coast

Country Road In To The Village

Florida Beach Scene

The White Steeple

Workmen’s Camp, Palm Beach

St. Augustine Lighthouse, Florida


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  1. Don Hyde said

    Where are you finding this stuff? Will you marry me? I’m nice and clean up well. You could do a lot worse. Great work. I’m so impressed, you have to be a great girl.

  2. Don Hyde said

    Yeah, Bruce is right. I just assumed no guy in New York could handle Suzay Lamb.

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