Greatest American Painters

Priscilla Warren Roberts (1916 – 2001)

Posted by M.R.N. on July 6, 2012

Self Portrait With Books

Self Portrait


Grandmother’s Letter

Third Reader

American Country Life

A Young Black Man

Self Portrait, Naked Torso

Self Portrait

The Unmade Bed

title unknown


Reclining Nude On Couch

Castle In The Mountains

In Hell’s Kitchen

Life Mask (Abraham Lincoln)

Self Portrait

The Rocking Chair

Reclining Nude





Portrait Of An Artist As A Young Man


2 Responses to “Priscilla Warren Roberts (1916 – 2001)”

  1. vincenzo said

    I think that the above artist has reached the maximum of realism in “Thanatopsis”, “Third Reader,” “American Country Life,” “Self Portrait (the one to easel), where she represented the signs of aging effectively formed on old objects in the home .
    While “The Unmade Bed,” gives a nice idea of the disorder that reigned in her bedroom.
    (The real artists, as was Priscilla Warren Roberts, in daily life is characterized by anarchy and extravagance).
    I find it very interesting to the prospect of Reclining Nude 2.

    Excuse me, but who can say with certainty that “Naked Torso” is effectively a portrait of the artist?
    In the absence of her head, how do you recognize the identity of the artist?
    Had at least one little flaw somewhere identification of the torso …

    • vincenzo said

      I am still of the opinion that “Naked Torso” can not be considered a self-portrait by PW Roberts, for the following reasons (in addition to those already given above):

      1 – Apart from this naked, although it can be considered passable, then I do not think that it is a masterpiece of art, but I am convinced that very difficult as a female artist called a nude self-portrait, even if to draw a nude she can very well be inspired by her body. But without the head that would be self-portrait?

      2 – I do not think even a picture taken from the mirror reflection of her body. Perhaps the artist could have it taken from a photography of her body, but many doubts remain.

      2 – I believe to be much more likely to be an error of cataloging some auction house, or the fruit of imagination of some joker.

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