Greatest American Painters

Aron Wiesenfeld (1972)

Posted by M.R.N. on June 29, 2012



Girl With Bike


Chris McCandless

The Well


Washed Up Woman


The Delegate’s Daughter


Sea Of Trees


The Ending

The Oath Breakers


The Wedding Party

The Falls



Winter Cabin


Train Tunnel

Scenic View

The Lesson


The Gathering

The Nightingale


The Fish Gatherer

© Aron Wiesenfeld

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7 Responses to “Aron Wiesenfeld (1972)”

  1. vincenzo said

    Sadness, withdrawal, isolation from reality, loss, and strong tendency to pessimism. This seems like the main theme of the paintings and charcoal drawings by this young artist.
    Surely, for the subjects and scenes represented, he takes an initial look at some literary themes that have more emotion, but then, at some point, he distances himself mentally from the original idea, leaving full freedom of expression to his unconscious. Like all the artists who give precedence to the inner life, this artist seems to me a subject of psychoanalysis. All this, without diminishing her ability.

    P. S.
    Weather update. Here in Italy, today begins a new wave of scorching heat and oppressive, coming from the Sahara desert, called “Charon” (a demon of hell), and that will last for about ten days.
    The previous one (a bit ‘weaker), it also coming from Africa, was named “Scipio”, in memory of the Roman commander who defeated Hannibal in Africa.
    Let’s hope so!
    Meanwhile, to the European Football Championships in Warsaw we defeated Germany, and tomorrow, in the final in Kiev we must win against Spain.

    • Suzay Lamb said

      I hope (and think) Italy will be the European Champion. The Azzurri became stronger and stronger after every match. With a little luck (and some Pirlesque too) they will be able to beat Spain. Forza Italia!!

      • vincenzo said

        Unfortunately, the Azzurri have lost the most important match, even doing a very bad figure (4-0). But we must recognize that Spain was too strong, and the Italian national team had also fortune enough to reach the final. It ‘true that we also need a good dose of luck, but you also deserve it however, doing everything to win. Evidently, the Italian players had spent all their energies to beat England and Germany, and perhaps they were deluded and even bighead too.

  2. Sylvia said

    I feel the characters portrayed are unreal in this life but have their own reality. They seem to be characters drawn out of another world. I am very impressed.

  3. Bruce said


  4. kevoinitch said

    How do I get this blog/website to recognize another famous American artist, as was my great grandfather, Lewis A. Ramsey. Serious art collectors/dealers would agree that he belongs here: and

    • Suzay Lamb said

      I know Lewis A. Ramsey’s work. I’ll try to post a selection of his paintings as soon as possible (within the next 15-20 days). Thanks.

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