Greatest American Painters

Rembrandt Peale (1778 – 1860)

Posted by M.R.N. on June 28, 2012

Equestrian Portrait of George Washington

Michael Angelo And Emma Clara Peale

Charles Hodge

Rosalba Peale

Thomas Jefferson

Rajah Rammohun Roy

Jane Griffith Koch

Rubens Peale With A Geranium

Man Reading By Candlelight

DeWitt Clinton

The Sisters (Eleanor And Rosalba Peale)

Dr. John Meer

Harriet Cany Peale

Jacques Louis David

Alida Livingston Armstrong And Daughter

Day Dreams

George Washington Before Yorktown

General Samuel Smith

Boy From The Taylor Family

Caroline Louisa Pratt Bartlett

John Carroll, America’s First Bishop And Archbishop

The Roman Daughter

John C. Calhoun

Samuel Fisher Bradford

Juliana Westray Wood

Horatio Greenough

William Henry Harrison

Edward Shippen Burd of Philadelphia

Self Portrait 1856

George Washington


3 Responses to “Rembrandt Peale (1778 – 1860)”

  1. vincenzo said

    Rembrandt Peale was without doubt one of the best portraitists neoclassical Americans. I like especially “Rosalba Peale”, “Thomas Jefferson”, “Rubens Peale With A Geranium”, “Man Reading By Candlelight,” “Day Dreams” and “George Wasington Before Yorktown.” From the names given to the sons Rembrandt and Rubens, it would seem that the artist’s father (also a painter he) was an admirer of the Dutch and Flemish painting of the seventeenth century.
    However, what surprised me most in portraits by R.Peale, are the glasses, technically and aesthetically very modern for the era to which they relate.

  2. Bruce said

    Rembrandt Peale certainly had a whimsical side to his nature. Witness Rubens Peale checking the soil moisture in the geranium pot, the man reading by candlelight with tinted glasses, the sisters who appear two-headed sharing one body, the doctor reminding us of our mortality, Harriet’s failed attempt at coyness, and the discarded (and disdained?) hat belonging to the Taylor Family boy. Not to mention the sustenance being offered by the Roman Daughter to her imprisoned father. He even looks quizzically at himself in his self-portrait.

    • Suzay Lamb said

      I dare say that the man reading by candlelight is also a self-portrait. I’m also delighted to announce our appointment here with Harriet Cany Peale (Rembrandt’s second wife) on next tuesday.

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