Greatest American Painters

LeRoy Neiman (1921 – 2012)

Posted by M.R.N. on June 24, 2012

The Minuteman

San Francisco By Day

San Francisco By Night

Zebra Family

The Beatles

White House Signing Of The Egyptian-Israeli Peace Treaty

Resting Tiger


The Brooklyn Bridge

The DiMaggio Cut

Paris, July 14th

Piazza del Popolo, Rome

Frank Sinatra – Duets

Nostalgic Journey – Irish Landscape

The President’s Birthday Party

Piazza San Marco

The Babe

Sax Man

Salle Privée

Queen At Ascot

Harbor At Monaco

Lone Ranger And Tonto

Paris Bourse

Napoleon At Waterloo


2 Responses to “LeRoy Neiman (1921 – 2012)”

  1. vincenzo said

    This artist, world traveler, had an excellent knowledge of the lithographic technique, which has skillfully been able to use to obtain really admirable expressionistic pictorial effects.
    I had not yet seen a prospect of “Piazza San Marco” shooting from the top down.

  2. Bruce said

    I don’t hold much for this style of painting but I do respect the man for his achievements and fame.

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