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Fred Wessel

Posted by M.R.N. on June 23, 2012





A Young Dancer


Ursa Major – The Great Bear

Becca (Telescope)

The Red Dress


Giana (Sundial)





Becca (Tuscany)


Tunic And Pearls

Giana (Green Door)


Venetian Scarf And Tassel

Jillian in cucina

Contemplating Fibonacci’s Spiral

Molleye’s Gazing Back


© Fred Wessel

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2 Responses to “Fred Wessel”

  1. vincenzo said

    This is really beautiful painting! I think an artist Fred Wessel technically perfect, tasteful, well-trained and culturally. In his paintings we can see a serious and thorough review of the great Italian Renaissance painting, and Tuscany in particular. Evidently Wessel, carefully observing the works of the great artists of the Renaissance, was fascinated by the wisdom and the pictorial beauty of form they achieved, and never surpassed in later centuries. According to Wessel, and this seems to me that he is absolutely right, modern contemporary art, with the emergence of new artistic movements, some not even pictorially correct, was slowly forgotten the very fine painting, one that, in the Renaissance, reached the pinnacle of technical perfection and purity of form. For this decadence of taste and technique, which characterizes much of modern art, and especially not to stray too far from the great tradition of painting, Wessel has found it necessary to direct its own research expressive look to the Renaissance, that is, to a time when the painter could do many things, including that of preparing the colors alone, resulting in beautiful color effects.

    The paintings shown here are all very beautiful. Occasionally it is good to rest the eyes and mind, watching the beautiful painting.Grazie Suzay!

    • vincenzo said

      I would add one last thing. Inspired by classical painting, or imitate, copy it does not mean trivial, but more exactly take it as a model, studying it deeply, and proposing it in a personal key and modern, just like Fred Wessel is doing, among other things getting in my opinion excellent results.

      The idea of the artist to use for the backgrounds of his paintings, the old technique of gilding and semiprecious stones, seems well guessed, since, as well as valuable decorative elements enter into the picture, producing a special luster.

      Also, very beautiful to me seem too elegant Renaissance costumes, that Wessel has reworked in a modern way, and I am of the opinion that, if they were reproposed by the designers of fashion, these clothes could very well be worn by girls of our time, doing it without a doubt a good figure.

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