Greatest American Painters

Franklin Dullin Briscoe (1844 – 1903)

Posted by M.R.N. on June 22, 2012

Arab Caravan In A Courtyard

Morning Light

Sunset In The Orient


Harbor Scene

Caravan Departure

Sunset Seascape With Boats

Venetian Canal

Breezy Weather

Palms At Sundown

Coming Up To The Marker

Sailing Off The Coast Of Gibraltar

On The Fishing Banks


Greek Ruins

Moonlit Lighthouse

Mosque With Figures At Water’s Edge


3 Responses to “Franklin Dullin Briscoe (1844 – 1903)”

  1. vincenzo said

    For some days in Italy is started the great heat of summer, very humid (we average about 37 ° -40 °), and marine scenes of Briscoe, besides being beautiful, at least give the feeling of freshness.

    And that is precisely what we wanted, because I’m sweating and gasping, both at work in the office than at home!

    But joking apart, the works of this artist I like enough, and the places and people paintings, it also seems that he has traveled much.

    • vincenzo said

      Pardon! I did not mean “for some days” but “some days”, but the heat is giving me head. Be understanding.

  2. Sylvia said

    Beautiful scenes and a fantastic treatment of water….very sensitive….

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