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Al Brule (? – 2001)

Posted by M.R.N. on June 21, 2012

Forced Landing

Bongo Bongo

In The Shower

Nude In Shell

A Word With Polly

No Swimming

Indian Maiden

Blonde Pin-Up In Red Robe

Man Tangled Up In Christmas Tree Decoration

Crazy Horse's Woman

Crazy Horse’s Woman


2 Responses to “Al Brule (? – 2001)”

  1. vincenzo said

    I especially like the painting, I look happy but also other forms of figurative expression, as in this case, the illustrations of Al Brule, which I find amusing and entertaining.
    Generally the work of illustrators, as do those of cartoonists, is called minor art compared to painting, sculpture and artistic drawing. Perhaps because the illustrations, being intended for an audience, are related to the large production of the old media (newspapers, magazines, books, posters, etc …). And perhaps also because they, for their specific task of reaching the general public, need simplicity of design and color, and easily understandable to all subjects, often using images funny and optimistic.
    But it would be wrong to believe that the illustrators are inferior and superficial artists, because, at least in my opinion, to do some illustrations, you must have a good technical background, a great drawing skills, and, above all, a good knowledge of the human body and its proportions. I noticed that almost all female nudes painted by talented illustrators, though imaginary, often exceed the grace and proportions, those painted by many artists, also quite popular.

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