Greatest American Painters

David Mueller (1963)

Posted by M.R.N. on June 19, 2012


Girl In Black On Settee

Girl In Black On Settee

Girl In Green Hat

The Heirloom


The Scrapbook

The Red Kimono

Emerald And White

Girl In Hat

Reclining Nude

Girl In White

The Black Robe


The Orange Kimono

Crown Of Pearls

Profile On Gold


Woman In Red Kimono

Black Hair


Sense Of Wonder

The Offering

The Locket

© David Mueller

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3 Responses to “David Mueller (1963)”

  1. Sylvia said

    Your paintings are exquisite.

  2. Bruce said

    Did you ever see a newborn turn to look at something and, because balance or neck muscles are not fully developed yet, tilts its head too far back and has to pull it back into position? That is the moment captured, for me, in “Sense Of Wonder.” Such a simple thing to capture and be appreciated in a painting.

  3. LindaW. said

    These are marvelous!

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