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Li ZiJian (1954)

Posted by M.R.N. on June 17, 2012

Tibetan Girl

Red Apple – Combing Daughter’s Hair


Girl In Black

title unknown

Birthday – Balloon


History Lesson – Tang Dynasty

Gentle Breeze

Buffalo Boy

Fetal Sound

Taipei Girl

There Are Visitors


title unknown

Pregnant Wife


Mother And Child

Fairy Tales


Wishing Health

Aqua Blue

Breast Feeding

title unknown

New Green


On The Horizon

Nanjing Massacre


7 Responses to “Li ZiJian (1954)”

  1. Sylvia said

    Magnificiant paintings. Very emotional and memorable.

  2. vincenzo said

    Many thanks for this beautiful surprise Suzay.

    You’re accustomed us too well!

    This artist, and very good technically, is enlivened by beautiful and sublime sentiments.

    What a beautiful and inspired are his paintings of mothers and children!

    But are beautiful also all the other portraits, starting from “Tibetan Girl”.

    The picture of the massacre that closes the exhibition, is well done, but it is too dramatic and anguishing, and appears completely in contrast with the rest. Unfortunately, the historical reality is also made of cruel scenarios.

    • vincenzo said

      I think it is better to add the text in Italian, because I fear always make too many mistakes in English.

      “Tante grazie Suzay di questa bella sorpresa. Tu ci stai abituando troppo bene!

      Questo artista, oltre che molto bravo tecnicamente, è animato da belli e sublimi sentimenti.

      Che belli e ispirati sono i suoi dipinti che ritraggono madri e figli!

      Ma sono bellissimi anche tutti gli altri ritratti, a cominciare da “Tibetan Girl”.

      Il quadro del massacro, che chiude la rassegna, risulta ben fatto, ma è troppo drammatico e angosciante, e appare completamente in contrasto con tutti gli altri.

      Purtroppo la realtà storica è fatta anche di scenari crudeli“.

  3. Bruce said

    Yes, “Nanjing Massacre” does seem very out of place with the rest of his gentle work seen here (I love “Fetal Sound”). Here is some information:

    “The artistic power and spiritual tension in Li’s works have overcome millions of people from different walks of life, especially his best known masterpiece Nanjing Massacre. Kofi Annan, secretary general of the United Nations, once praised Li for his “great gift” and called Li’s exhibition “a tribute to your art and your country.

    “Unlike most of his works themed with calmness and beauty, Nanjing Massacre shocks every viewer: a little boy cries among a pile of dead bodies while a sad monk collects a corpse, with two Japanese invaders laughing with a bayonet still shines with blood.

    Li’s Nanjing Massacre has met warm response but also rejections and even threat from some Japanese who refused to acknowledge the history. But Li insisted putting this painting in all his exhibitions. ‘I will continue doing this because that’s my responsibility to let the world know the true history of the Nanjing Massacre,’ said Li calmly.”

  4. Harriet said

    How can I purchase a print of Li Zijian called Tenacity?

  5. Amily Chen said

    Dear Li,

    I live in China now, I am from Hunan Province, Loudi Province.

    Once the moment I saw your painting, I loved them. Do you have facebook or MSN please?

    Could I know you? I’d love to bring a business chance for both of us.

    Hope to hear your reply. 🙂

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