Greatest American Painters

Raphael Strauss (1830 – 1901)

Posted by American Gallery on June 16, 2012

Young Girl In A White Dress

Portrait Of A Young Girl

Two Children

Portrait Of A Woman

Lady In Black Holding A Rose

Dr. Joseph Unzickel

Dr. Joseph Unzickel’s Wife

A Young Girl

A Young Girl

Portrait Of A Gentleman

Child Portrait

Child Portrait

Elderly Woman In White Bonnet


2 Responses to “Raphael Strauss (1830 – 1901)”

  1. vincenzo said

    Good portraitist, whose paintings reflected by a strict posture, typical of people of Germanic origin.

    This is evident in the paintings “Dr Joseph Unzickel”, “Dr Joseph Unzickel’s Wife” and “Portrait Of A Woman.”

    Very nice seem to me the two “Child Portrait”, where children, although they are still young of age, show a posture of grown men swiftly.

    • Bruce said

      Yes, another example of early American painters not knowing how to realistically portray children. “Two Children” looks like they had their faces painted separately and glued on later. Maybe because they couldn’t sit still long enough? 🙂

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