Greatest American Painters

Henry Ulke (1821 – 1910)

Posted by M.R.N. on June 7, 2012

Ulysses S. Grant

Edwin McMasters Stanton

Thomas B. Wilson

Joseph Henry

William Learned Marcy

Spotted Tail

Major John Wesley Powell

George Washington McCrary

Spencer Fullerton Baird

James Barbour

John Aaron Rawlins

Rosa Cluss (Wife of Adolf Cluss)

Roger B. Taney

Robert Kennicott

Samuel D. Ingham

William Stimpson

Ludwig Van Beethoven

John Edward Bouligny, U.S. Representative From Louisiana


4 Responses to “Henry Ulke (1821 – 1910)”

  1. Sylvia said

    So many beards! It must have been a popular style during his lifetime. My favorite portrait though was Ludwig van Beethoven!

    • vincenzo said

      You have a good made ​​an observation, Sylvia. But more than a preference of the artist, I think it was the custom of the time. While in America, men of the nineteenth century almost generally preferred to wear beards, in Europe, instead, it were fashionable to have a big mustache and sideburns. Although we may not seem like a very aesthetic, the fashion of those times imposed this type of look. With regard to the portrait of Beethoven, I agree with you. This is a beautiful portrait of the great composer, but oddly is perhaps the only character among those listed above, that the artist may not to have known, because Beethoven died in 1827, when Ülke had only six years. Probably, for this picture, he take inspiration by reproductions of paintings by other artists.

      • vincenzo said

        Damn! As I got hurt the first sentence! I had written in Italian, “You made a good observation, Sylvia,” but the translator has rendered the phrase in a very messy and incomprehensible English. Sorry!

  2. Sarah Miller said

    I loved finding this site and seeing the some of the paintings down by Henry Ulke. He is, through his son’s marriage to Edna Pope, my great-great-grandfather. I used to have his painting of his young son, Darwin Ulke, hanging in my home. It is now at my father’s home.

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