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John Edmund Califano (1864 – 1946)

Posted by American Gallery on June 5, 2012

The Love Letter

Enjoying A Smoke

California Coast

Italian View

Cows Drinking Water In The Country, Rome In The Distance

Independence Day

Mountain Landscape With Cattle

Italian Coastal Scene With Fishermen

Shepherd Leading His Flock To Graze

Bay Of Naples

Fishermen Returning With Their Catch


Mountain Landscape With River

Sheep Herder In Winter

Evening In The Park

Shepherd With Flock In California

Children At Play

Rocky Harbor

Lion Pride

Still Life With Fruit

House Covered In Flowers

The Apple Picker

title unknown

Naturalistic Still Life With Chrysanthemums


4 Responses to “John Edmund Califano (1864 – 1946)”

  1. vincenzo said

    Although J.E. Califano was born in Italy, and here was formed as a painter, attended the Academy of Fine Arts under the guidance of Domenico Morelli, we Italians, he is almost unknown.

    The first two pictures above, among other things, very beautiful, very well reflect the tradition of late Romanticism in Italian painting of the late nineteenth century.

    His teacher D.Morelli, besides being an excellent representative of this genre, and then also the realist, was also a great admirer of the Romantic poet Lord Byron.

    In other paintings that follow, Califano clearly refers to the tradition of Italian realist, preferring landscapes and figures, in which simple and true nature emerges.

    Some of his landscapes in California, surprisingly reminiscent of Italian landscapes.

    It almost seems that between California and Italy there is also a geographical link.

  2. ben said

    We have two of his paintings and looking for more…His signature is unique.

  3. Sally said

    I have a painting on hard board of a peasant girl holding a bread basket. a brunette with an inviting simile and face. I haven’t had it authenticated yet, but had it looked at by an art museum in Wausau WI. , this could be a very early painting.

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