Greatest American Painters

Ethan Allen Greenwood (1779 – 1856)

Posted by M.R.N. on June 4, 2012

Self Portrait

Sambo The Beggar Man

Elijah Brigham

Sarah Ward Brigham

Robert Hawking

Harriet Hawking

Isaiah Thomas

Isaiah Thomas jr.

Rebecca Tufts Whittemore

Young Woman In Blue Dress

Charles Lee Jones, Son Of Absalom Jones

Eunice Hardin

Mrs. Prescott

Portrait Of A Gentleman

Sally Reed Sessions

Portrait Of A Gentleman

Ann Geyer Amory

Portrait Of A Young Man

Zillah Chenery Abbott

An Elderly Lady

Dr. Benjamin Shurtleff And His Wife Sally

James Ellis

Martha Bridgham

William Gooch


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  1. Sylvia said

    I enjoyed the differences between the paintings. It enriched my interaction. I think I saw more than if they were all the same style.

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