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Mara McAfee (1929 – 1984)

Posted by M.R.N. on May 30, 2012

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3 Responses to “Mara McAfee (1929 – 1984)”

  1. vincenzo said

    In the interpretation of self portraits by Van Gogh, the artist Mara McAfee offers, with the addition of the banana and the hand holding his ear cut off, we are faced with another puzzle symbolic.

    I try to play, knowing that I could be wrong.

    I think these symbols added by McAfee, allude to sex clearly understood, in this case, as a source of discord.

    That episode drama, reproduced in the painting above, it really happened after an argument between Vincent Van Gogh and Paul Gauguin. And, apparently, for a prostitute in a brothel, that both artists attending.

    No one knows exactly how things went, but it seems that Van Gogh has reacted vehemently against Gauguin, probably accusing him of stealing the woman.

    The fact is, that after this furious argument, Gauguin, lost patience, he prepared the suitcase with the intention to ease out Arles (Provence) to return to Paris.

    At that point, the second version of Gauguin, Van Gogh took a razor, and, with stealthy step, the friend came up behind him, with the evident intention of hitting him.

    But Gauguin, sensing the danger, turned suddenly, and the two artists found themselves face to face. Van Gogh, having been caught in the act, he was disoriented and walked away hurriedly, because Gauguin had a pretty strong personality, very evidently influenced fellow artist.

    It was soon after this that the sick mind of Van Gogh, he conceived the mad idea of ​​cutting off the ear of incartarlo in a sheet of paper, and bring yourself to a prostitute in the brothel, that maybe considered as the main cause of friendship over between him and Gauguin.

    • vincenzo said

      correction: The Italian word “incartarlo” should be understood as a “Wrap”

      • vincenzo said

        Other adjustments.
        I did not mean “ease out”, but “leaving”. The correction is necessary because the wrong word, it changes the whole meaning of the speech. Excuse me, but maybe when I wrote I had some sleep.

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