Greatest American Painters

Myron G. Barlow (1873 – 1937)

Posted by M.R.N. on May 23, 2012


Portrait Of A Young Woman

Adjusting The Hat

Evening Embers


A Cup Of Tea

A Cup Of Tea

Wild Carnations

Wild Carnations

In The Garden

Resting By A Basket Of Flowers


Poisson Rose


Seated Young Woman


The Shepherdess

Winding Yarn

Lady Seated At A Vanity




2 Responses to “Myron G. Barlow (1873 – 1937)”

  1. Sylvia Ali said

    I love these paintings. They seem impressionistic. How do you find such masterpieces? It’s amazing how few of them I have seen before. Good job!

  2. vincenzo said

    The paintings of Myron G.Barlow are distinguished by the delicacy of the colors and the backgrounds simple and uniformly clear, that with their airy brightness, highlight the subjects are well represented, that is, women employed in the home chores.
    The space is designed and built with great care, and objects of the interior are reduced to a minimum, with walls free from furniture and ornaments, in order to give greater prominence to the figures represented.
    In the landscapes instead, the artist clearly favors the Impressionist technique, placing the figure in the landscape, making it a sharer in the play of light and color.

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