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Juliette Aristides (1971)

Posted by M.R.N. on May 17, 2012

Brenda And Child

A Thousand Days

Mirror Of Reason

Self Portrait With Star



Boy In Room

Bendheim Rememberance


Js Red Shirt


Arch Girl – Jasmine





The Artist – Mother And Child




The Poets

The Bowl

Sarah Resting

Self Portrait In Thought

 Self Portrait With Flower

Self Portrait With Flower


© Juliette Aristides

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4 Responses to “Juliette Aristides (1971)”

  1. Very nice!!!!

  2. Sylvia Ali said

    You are an amazing artist, Juliette! Your paintings are beautiful and sensitive.

  3. vincenzo said

    Regarding the post of Juliette Aristides is a really strange thing happened. Just last night I was watching the images in small format (American Gallery of October 2007), and I wondered why this good painter works only three were present.
    Then, this morning, to my surprise, I received the answer and also everything that I wanted to see. I think that this was a genuine case of telepathy, and my thinking was implemented nine thousand miles away.
    Works by Juliette Aristides seem really excellent, both for the mastery of technique, both in the sense of color and form. I find it very beautiful and natural the two intimate scenes “Brenda And Child” and “The Artist – Mother And Child”. Very interesting also nudes, portraits and self portraits.
    I can only thank those who read me in thought.

  4. Alvin Reasby said

    Wonderful artwork. I love the emtion you show in the paintings. In adition all your paints so people who are relaxed and enjoying themselves with what they are doing.

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