Greatest American Painters

Joseph Kleitsch (1885 – 1931)

Posted by American Gallery on May 16, 2012

Portrait Of Ruth Renick (The Jade Necklace)

Untitled Portrait

Hedda Nova (Mrs. Paul Hurst)

The Oriental Shop

Going To Church – Sunday Morning

Mrs. Herbert Spencer, née Madeline Strauss

The Girl In Red

Portrait Of Mrs. K

The Artist’s Wife, Edna

Red And Green

William Baker



Edee-Lou Frazee

M’lle E

Miss Ketchum

Reflections – Mlle At Table

Portrait Of A Gypsy

Blue Thread


Madonna Of The Apples

Portrait Of The Artist’s Wife

Self-Portrait 1909

Laguna Shore Line


4 Responses to “Joseph Kleitsch (1885 – 1931)”

  1. Bruce said

    It’s great how personality can come through in portraiture (be it actual or imagined). Hedda Nova (Mrs. Paul Hurst) is another lady that I would liked to have met and shaken her hand.

  2. vincenzo said

    I totally agree on the greatness of Joseph Kleitsch and not only as a portraitist.
    Impressionism I’ve always liked, and I personally have always considered this current to the most important modern art. I, as a European, for so many years I was interested almost exclusively to the French Impressionist masters, and looked only in passing to other artists, while good, at that time were operating in countries outside Europe. Thanks to American Gallery, I could know and appreciate the great American Impressionist painters, who, in my opinion, have nothing to envy the French. Maybe that’s just my personal impression, but I am convinced that artists who worked in the last decades of the nineteenth century until the early twentieth, wherever they were, they were almost all united by an exceptional talent. I really think that everything is linked, in addition to a generation that, even at a particular historical period of cultural ferment and the desire for freedom of expression.
    Today, with many artistic movements born in the early twentieth century and in subsequent decades, Impressionist painting is of course now be considered old and outdated, but nonetheless, it continues to keep intact all its charm in the works of the great artists of the past . American Gallery Thanks again!

    • proudaggienicknoble said

      Hi Vincenzo,

      Just wanted to let you know that I’ve been reading all your recent contributions to the comments pages. I really enjoy them; I can even read the Italian ones thanks to Google Translate. You have a great arts vocabulary, a sensitive perspective, and a keen ability to communicate complex ideas cogently in either language. Keep up the good work!


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