Greatest American Painters

Alexander Cañedo (1902 – 1978)

Posted by M.R.N. on May 6, 2012

The Neophytes

title unknown

Dream Sequence

Landscape At Sunset

title unknown

Two Nudes

Male Torso

Female Torso

Man With Feathers

Woman With Scarf And Jewels

Renaissance Portrait

5 Responses to “Alexander Cañedo (1902 – 1978)”

  1. Jean Cox said

    I have a picture signed as New York 1938 – it is the bust of a beautiful woman in a peach color cape, pink dress with blue/green trim and golden and blue ribbons on her red hair mountian and water to her right in background – mat is circular.

  2. I have two prints,lady starring into fireplace seeing male reflection .a male starring at the same with a womans reflection in the flames.both signed and dated 1907. Does anyone know the worth or who i could ask? I live in nashville tn.


  3. Enndy Jimenez said

    I think I have an original oil painting from Alexander cañedo his signature name is on the bottom left “cañedo” it resembles the dream sequence but my painting is of a man with his back side showing his buttocs and he is up in the Stars and a lion on the far left bottom corner man in the painting is facing the lion it’s the sign of a LEO the frame is gold silk lining a wooden frame I do have pictures of it i tried to look up the information on it but it’s hard can some one please help me I want to know how much it is or if it is original I paide 200 for it a couple years back it’s in very good condition email me if you want me to send photos to you I would gladly send them to you if anyone can help me I would really appreciate it thank you

    • Doug said

      Hi. I’m familiar with, and collect, some of his work. If you can, please send me an image of this piece and I’ll see if I can help you. Thanks.

      • Tom Barrett said

        Doug I also have a signed Canedo. It is an image of a fish and I’m not sure if it is an original or a print. It looks very much like an original.

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