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George Henry Story (1835 – 1923)

Posted by American Gallery on March 26, 2012

Abraham Lincoln

A Chance Acquaintance

Street Musician - The Organ Grinder

Man In A Straw Hat

Young Woman Reading

Tending The Rose Bush

Abraham Lincoln

Our Father Who Art In Heaven - Reading The Bible

The Family

Jesse Ludington

By The Fire

Fisherman's Daughter

Abraham Lincoln

Brittany Mending The Nets

Man With Sythe

Measured Draught

Seated Nude Bathing

Time Out - Miss Tiffany

A Moment In Time


Portrait Of A Woman

Playing Soldiers

Alexander Stuart Murray


7 Responses to “George Henry Story (1835 – 1923)”

  1. vincenzo mazzei said

    Probabilmente i lavori più conosciuti di questo pittore realista sono senz’altro i ritratti di Abram Lincoln, che egli conobbe direttamente. In questi ritratti, Lincoln appare in tutta la sua grande dimensione morale e umana; la nobiltà e la serenità interiori del Presidente, risultano realisticamente ben rappresentati. Mi fa piacere che questo post si apra proprio con l’immagine di Abram Lincoln, un grandissimo uomo politico, a cui è legata una delle più importanti pagine della storia e dell‘evoluzione umana, non solo degli USA ma del mondo intero: l’abolizione della schiavitù, anche se è costata una terribile guerra civile, e la vita dello stesso Lincoln.

  2. Nance Wynn said

    I am trying to find out where the physical painting ‘The Family’ by George Henry Story is??????

    • Nanc,
      Have you found anything else out on “The Family” by George Story?
      He is my 4x great Uncle. We are exibiting some of his work and memoribilia at Wood Memorial Library South Windsor Ct. 1/05/13- 2/28/13. Check thier website for a updated show listing.

      • Nance Wynn said

        Hi Steve. Actually, I have. The painting called ‘The Family’ is at the Addison Art Gallery at the Phillips Academy in Massachusetts. The family in this painting are the Abner Ingalls Benyons, they are my family. I have a newspaper article about my great great grandfather that makes reference to this painting hanging in his home. I would like to know if you or any of your family might have some journals or documents about your uncle’s works. How they were commissioned, when and what he charged etc. Thank you for emailing and sharing this information. I will check out the website you provided. Nance Wynn

      • Nanc, I just looked in a copy of his inventory circa 1915, there is a listing for A Mr. Benyon, a banker and nine figures. No costs listed for this entry. I can look else where later for more info. . Most everything is packed for the show.
        FYI, GHS painted most notably Lincoln, Seward, Chase, Kate Chase, Mayor Wallach, Zachary Taylor, Jefferson Davis, Secratary Bates, many others including the heads of Costa Rica and Cuba which we are still looking for. He was curator/repairer at the Met and also curator at The Wadsworth Atheneum in Hartford. email me if you want at
        Thanks and talk soon,
        Steve Marshall

  3. Suzay, thanks for the wonderful blog. I am currently producing a CD of stories ( I’m a professional storyteller) the stories are of George Henry Story- The Man Who Painted Lincoln. I appreciate your site, I can show the people I’m working with what his art looks like. I am his great – great niece. My brother Steve has left comments on his page.

  4. I am curious about Story’s family. His wife is always listed as Mrs. Henry Story. What is her first name? I see that they had a son who died young? Paul. He is listed as model for a Dutch Cavalier in a 1915 Art Journal. Do you know where the Dutch Cavalier is located? Thank you for your time.

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