Greatest American Painters

Milton James Burns (1853 – 1933)

Posted by American Gallery on March 11, 2012

S.S.Ponce Entering New York Harbor Commemorating Marconi's Radio Success

Waiting For The Fish To School

Fisherfolk Gathering After The Catch

Heading For Home

A Seated Woman Selling Pottery

A View On Loch

Swallowtail Lighthouse

Riverside Home With Figures

Old Whaler, A Forty-Niner

The Gossip

Mauretania, Sister Ship With The Ill-Fated Lusitania

A Thatched Roof House With Outbuildings And Figures

Toilers Of The Sea

Two Men On A Breezy Sail

title unknown

School Of Sharks

Battleships - A World War I Illustration

Arctic Illustration

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