Greatest American Painters

Francis Blackwell Mayer (1827 – 1899)

Posted by M.R.N. on February 21, 2012

Independence (Squire Jack Porter)

The Invasion

The Continentals

The Man Of The House

Leisure And Labor

Annapolis In 1750

Indian Powwow At The Treaty Of Traverse des Sioux

Old Annapolis, Francis Street

The Burning of the Peggy Stewart

Vigilance - The Gryphon

Treaty of Traverse des Sioux

The Planting Of The Colony Of Maryland

Aunt Betsy

Crow At The Treaty Of The Traverse des Sioux

A Gallant Figure

The Founders Of The Baltimore And Ohio Railroad

Inspection And Sale Of A Negro

4 Responses to “Francis Blackwell Mayer (1827 – 1899)”

  1. I always enjoy these posts. Could you also provide some biographical information about the artists as well? I’d also like to know where these paintings are so I can see them in person. Thank you.

  2. Bruce said

    Usually if you Google, you will find a Wikipedia article if the artist is well-known. If not, then he or she may have a personal web site, or a page on an art gallery’s site, with some biographical material.

    You have to dig a bit deeper, though, to find that what Suzay listed as “A Gallant Figure” is actually named “Caught!” An understandable mixup since apparently the two works have been auctioned as a package deal in the past; I found a couple of references like this one listing both together:

    “Caught!” is the perfect title for the painting shown here. 🙂

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