Greatest American Painters

Martha Mayer Erlebacher (1937)

Posted by M.R.N. on February 16, 2012

The Cycle Of Life, Air: Childhood

The Cycle Of Life, Fire: Youth

The Cycle Of Life, Earth: Adulthood

The Cycle Of Life, Water: Old Age

Three Cats At Dusk

Three Women At Dusk


The Creation Of Eve

Adam And Eve

Danse Macabre




In A Garden

Grace With Fire

Grace With Fire


On The Rock Or Sand

Form And Void

Form And Void II


Rage, Rage...


In Praise Of The Earth

Girl With A Mirror (Homage To Giovanni Bellini)


3 Responses to “Martha Mayer Erlebacher (1937)”

  1. James said

    Wonderful technique, I truly favour the quieter , portrait type images…or solitary figure compositions as the stronger overall images (for me).
    Interesting how our personal preferences even in life carry over in our images, and the ones we gravitate to.
    My most favourite is her self portrait…wonderful.

  2. Messylina said

    Fascinating artist. Thanks for presenting her here.

  3. Bruce said

    The Cycle of Life series is remarkable, particularly Old Age as frozen Water, slowly melting away. This one affected me strongly. Sad.

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