Greatest American Painters

Julian Russell Story (1857 – 1919)

Posted by M.R.N. on February 2, 2012

Lady With Goldfish Bowl

Young Count Louis Vorow Zborrowski With His Barzoi Dog

Mrs. Frederick Sharon

Ernest Wadsworth Longfellow

La Tragedienne

Mrs. Humphry Ward (Mary Augusta Ward, née Arnold)

Louisa Dowager Viscountess Wolseley

The Black Prince At Crécy

Nymph And Satyr

Aesop’s Fables

Emma Eames

The Hon. Lieutenant Frederick Hugh Sherston Roberts, Kings Royal Rifle Corps

Portrait Of A Lady

George William Henry Venables, 7th Lord Vernon

Elegant Woman With Fan

Portrait Of A Woman In A Mauve Dress

Portrait Of A Woman

Charlotte Corday

Charlotte Corday

The Honourable Frances Wolseley

6 Responses to “Julian Russell Story (1857 – 1919)”

  1. Bruce said

    I’m sorry, because you’re probably looking for more artistically astute commentary than this in your blog, but I must record my funny bone being tickled by the portrait of “Mrs. Frederick Sharon.” From the look on his face, it’s as if the lion were saying “WILL you get OFF my back?” Something a slightly vindictive husband would pay a bit more to have included in the picture, perhaps? 🙂

    • Suzay Lamb said

      I love any kind of comments (‘cept maybe the “please-tell-me-if-it’s-worth-anything” kind). Your comments always make me smile/laugh and since laughing is one of my favorite activities, that’s fine with me. About Mr. Story’s painting: I would have preferred to see Mrs. Frederick Sharon on the floor with a mighty lion on her back (chances are it was Mr. Frederick Sharon’s wishful thinking too).

  2. Xenophon said

    Thanks a lot. I looked so long for paintings by Story and found only very few on the web (the Black Prince in bad quality is quite polpular). Your site is one of the best resources.

  3. Nance Wynn said

    I believe that Julian Russell Story painted a portrait of the Abner Ingalls Benyon family. The Boston Globe VOL. XXIX.—NO. 31. BOSTON, SUNDAY MORNING, JANUARY. 31, 1886 makes reference “The picture was a family portrait made years ago by Story at the Benyon mansion in Auburndale. ” Do you have any knowledge of this?

    • Nance Wynn said

      I have since learned it was George Henry Story and the painting resides in the Addison Art Gallery at Phillips Academy in Massachusetts. It a beautiful family portrait!

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