Greatest American Painters

Shepard Alonzo Mount (1804 – 1868)

Posted by American Gallery on January 28, 2012

Rose Of Sharon

Martin Van Buren

Catherine Brooks Hall

Plugging The Enemy

The Breakfast Call

Girl Peeling Apples

William Sidney Mount

Joseph Shepard

Ruth Shepard

William Shepard Mount


Mr. John Bedell

Mrs. John Bedell

Boy With An Arrow

Tamer, Portrait Of A Freed Slave

Elizabeth Hempstead Elliot Mount

Girl With Bird's Nest

Landscape And Figures

3 Responses to “Shepard Alonzo Mount (1804 – 1868)”

  1. Dave Woods said

    The portrait of Tamer, the freed slave, is the best of this otherwise ordinary lot, she radiates a quiet pride and confidence, which he’s captured well. many thanks.

  2. Barbara said

    “Ordinary lots” & old fashioned genre paintings carry a wealth of information on the material & social culture of America in the 19th century. Your postings are informative & often offer obsure artists for us to take a look at. Thank you for your hard work.

  3. Josh said

    This is a relatively underrated but very proficient American artist; the “ordinary lot” comment is unfair. SAMount was overshadowed by his much more famous brother William and by painters of the Hudson River School but he was a brilliant portraitist with exquisite color sense and an excellent eye for detail. Hopefully, more people will recognize the subtle skill of his work.

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