Greatest American Painters

Ray Swanson (1937 – 2004)

Posted by M.R.N. on January 24, 2012

Tuba City Chief

Shearing The Churro Sheep

Tsegi Navajo

The New Doll

Mother's Precious Child

Navajo Little One

A Prayer For Their Vanishing Herds

Gathering At The Trading Post

Pinon Harvest

Good Friends

Climbing The Red Rocks

Movin' North To Miles City

Buckskin Baby

Tuba City Gent

Land Of The Eagle

The Old One

Autumn Comes to Window Rock

Nez Perce Princess

Little Girl

Martha Arizona

Navajo Weaver

Man Of The Dineh

Tuba City Goat Tender

Hopi Women Shucking Corn

2 Responses to “Ray Swanson (1937 – 2004)”

  1. cmolton said

    i miss ray swanson and miss him coming to the reservation. a good artist missed.

  2. vincenzo said

    What seems to me most admirable in this exhibition dedicated to the paintings of Ray Swanson, is its ability to penetrate into the spirit of Native Americans, to understand the attachment to their culture and their traditions, their roots in a very remote past , and whose life force has succeeded to remain intact until today. The set of all these paintings, that portray different characters and realistic scenes of native life, it comes out almost a unique and beautiful picture, which emerged in the dignity and pride of a people who went through very dramatic historical events. And, in my opinion, it is not surprising when the natives, even today, proudly maintain to be the real Americans, manifesting a certain distrust of other Americans of European origin. I think Swanson was one of the few artists who are not natives, to have explored deeply, and with success, the spirit of Native Americans.

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