Greatest American Painters

Frank Leonard Stick (1884 – 1966)

Posted by M.R.N. on January 18, 2012

A Viking Mother

A Critical Moment

Sanctuary - Pintails

Winter Calamity

An Exciting Moment

Fisherman's Paradise

Big Game Hunters

Maud Stick

On Point


His First Pickerel

Hunting Bear

On Point

King Of The Pond

Out Of The Fog

The Fisherman

Bear Attack

Prize Catch

title unknown

The Rivals - Ready For Battle

The Hunter

2 Responses to “Frank Leonard Stick (1884 – 1966)”

  1. Dave Woods said

    Many thanks Suzy. Wonderful paintings, expressive of a long gone ‘mans’ world.

  2. jewelz said

    I have a print of a winter rabbit hunt with a man a boy and a dog trying to get a rabbit out of a log with two captured rabbits beside the log, it is signed by Frank Stick with the number 10underlined next to his name? have you herd of this one?

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