Greatest American Painters

Thomas Reis

Posted by American Gallery on January 13, 2012

Wine Glass - Pinot

The Accordianist

Moravian Bakers

The Reader

Twilight Hour

The Violinist


Orange Eater

Red Hat

Winter Chores

The Bride

Weekend Book

Autumn Nap


The Gate


Ina's Umbrella

The Pianist


2 Responses to “Thomas Reis”

  1. Sylvia Ali said

    I love all these paintings by Thomas Reis. He shows a great sensitivity and respect for each of the characters in his paintings. They ring very true to me. Thanks for posting them. If I ever get a chance to see an exhibit of his paintings, I hope to get to see it.

  2. How do you pronounce his family name? Does “Reis” sound like “race”?

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