Greatest American Painters

Blendon Reed Campbell (1872 – 1969)

Posted by M.R.N. on January 6, 2012


The Queensboro Bridge, New York

Park Scene

Woman Holding A Bouquet Of White Lilies (Cosmopolitan cover)

Victorian Lady Fashion Christmas

Colgate's Talc Powders ad

Dancing Couple


Spring Maidens

Day (A Group Of Female Figures Dancing On A Seashore)

Dancing Nymphs

Dancing Nymphs

Dancing Maidens

Bather Resting

The Literary Digest cover

Auto Repair (Kodak Camera ad)

The Bridge

Master Of The Vineyard

The Unknown Quantity - The Sad Shepherd

The Rosary

Maude Adams

In Full Swing

A Setter

A Spaniel

3 Responses to “Blendon Reed Campbell (1872 – 1969)”

  1. Bruce said

    I always like local connections among the artwork that you post; “The Queensboro Bridge, New York” is a keeper, as is “Maude Adams.”

    Adams was a popular stage actress around the turn of the last century who was one of the original women, if not the first, to perform the title role of “Peter Pan.” She was evidently very successful in that she donated her 400-acre estate to the Sisters of the Cenacle for the construction of a retreat house in Lake Ronkonkoma, New York (on Long Island) where she was interred after her death in 1953.

    If you do nothing else with this link, click on her portrait and look into THOSE eyes!

    And the Sisters are doing quite well. Land values on suburban Long Island being what they are (until recently), the order has financed itself over the decades by selling off most of the land (down to 45 acres now). So well, that they were able to recently replace their old building with a new Retreat Center and Convent.

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