Greatest American Painters

Walt Kuhn (1877 – 1949)

Posted by M.R.N. on January 4, 2012

Girl In Uniform

Chorus Captain

Bert Lahr


title unknown

The White Cockade



Circus Performer

Reclining Nude

Girl With Cocked Hat

Acrobat In Green

Green Pom-Pom

Lady In Robe - The Performer

Chico In Silk Hat

Miss R

Tri-Color Cockade

title unknown

Hedda In Green Bodice

Woman In Majorette Costume

2 Responses to “Walt Kuhn (1877 – 1949)”

  1. Stu Mead said

    What a great painter! Oh my god! Thanks for finding these! A real inspiration, especially all the girls wearing hats!

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