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Jean Despujols (1886 – 1965)

Posted by American Gallery on January 2, 2012



In The Forest

Me-Hue, Dancing Mistress Of Lai Chau

Sacred Love And Profane Love

Thai Women

The Young Bather

The Fishing

Heaven On Earth - Rural Idyll

The Vinyard

title unknown

Girl Of Annam

Akha Woman

Hre Girl, Vietnam

Hre Man, Vietnam

White Tai Woman Of Tonkin

Black Tai Woman Of Tonkin

Khmer Temple Dancer At Angkor, Cambodia

Khmer Temple Dancer At Angkor

Lao Woman

Woman Of Tonkin

Woman Of Tonkin

Tiger Prowling Through A Temple At Angkor

Radé Tribesmen Charge A Tiger With Spears And Crossbows

Tonkin's Road To Red China

Naked Woman Combing

8 Responses to “Jean Despujols (1886 – 1965)”

  1. simone chatelain said

    His work is breathtaking….spread the word

  2. Kent Davis said

    Many thanks to Suzay for posting this amazing collection. I discovered Despujols in 2006 preparing the manuscript of “Earth in Flower – The Divine Mystery of the Cambodian Dance Drama.” His portrait of “The dancer Saem” embodied the book’s concept so well that the author and I choose it as the cover ( His entire collection is at The Meadows Museum in Louisiana.

  3. Godefroy HOFER said

    I want to contact some of Jean Despujols children, say :
    Anne Lenore Despujols, Jack Despujols (who was engineer at Gulf Corporation (Houston, Texas), Paulette Despujols. I was a friend of Anne Lenore and she wrote to me some letters, the last one in march 1965 to tell me about her father’s death. If you can find adresses I will contact them before to go to Shreveport and look at his paintings. I have 3 oil paintings by Jean, and many letters written during the World war 1914-1918 to my grand mother who was his girl friend (and more…) in Bordeaux when he was at the school of Beaux-Arts. In fact, I am his “petit fils” since my mother, France Aubert, was his “organic daughter”, issued from a “love affair” with my grand-mother, Thérèse Aubert. I keep also some letters dated from 1957 to 1962 that he sent to my mother, asking every time news about his former love, my grand mother. Many thanks for your help. Godefroy HOFER, Ph.D Earth Science, novelist.

  4. Dorothy jackson said

    I have a framed , signed painting of yeu, the annamese girl of vietnam, by this famous artist, jean Depuljous. Please contact me, by my email address.

  5. osmaiel k said

    I have a framed, and signed panting of “yeu” Annamese girl of hue,viet-nam by this famous artist, jean Depujous.Please contact me by email address I want to know about the picture and how much it’s worth

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