Greatest American Painters

Samuel Edmund Oppenheim (1901 – 1992)

Posted by M.R.N. on December 28, 2011

Girl In A Brown Dress

title unknown

Flower Child

The Age Of Innocence

Standing Ballerina In Studio

Marian Anderson

Standing Figure In White

Girl In Field

Evening Song

The Hilltop

Portrait Of Tammy

Picking Flowers

Nude Arranging Hair



Lady In Pink Hat

Leaning Redhead In Blue Skirt

Girl With Curly Hair

Profile Of Young Girl






15 Responses to “Samuel Edmund Oppenheim (1901 – 1992)”

  1. Beryl Packer said

    What would I need to do to get copyright permission to use a copy of the image of the painting on your website of “Girl with Curly Hair” in a book I am writing? Full credits would be given as required. The URL is below. Thanks for your help.

  2. Peggy Parker said

    Hello I recently purchased the painting The Troubadour at an estate sale. Can you tell me anything about it? It is an oil and has the exact signature and is exactly as shown here. I know nothing about it. Anything would help. Thank you.

    • lINDA JONES said

      I BELIEVE i HAVE THE ORIGINAL PAINTING THE TROUBADOUR….FOUND AT Goodwill 15 yrs ago. How do we find out about the original?

  3. I just bought the print of Troubador. I would be interested in the original painting. I don’t know anything about it either value wise. Anyone?

  4. Lisa said

    I was recently given what I believe is a reprint of “Flower Child”. In my picture the flower on the top left is yellow. Does that mean it is a reprint? I also have “Troubador”, how can I be sure that one is also a reprint? Do reprints have any value to them?

  5. Lisa said

    I want to correct position of flower in my least comment, the flower is top right 🙂

  6. Tammy Haislip said

    Hello. I wondered about purchasing a print of Oppenheim’s The Wandering Wayfarer. Does anyone know where I would go? I cannot seem to find this information from my searches online. Thank you.

  7. Joey Vee said

    I would like to find out where I can purchase the print to “Troubador” by Oppenheim

  8. carolyn simmons said

    I have a very old copy of the Trubador I do not know its value. It hung on the wall at a music store in Dalton Ga. For about 25 yrs its been in my shop the last couple of years.

  9. Tammy Haislip said

    I found a print of Troubadour in an antique shop outside of Greenville, SC. (I’m not sure why I thought it was called The Wandering Wayfarer.) The print is stuck to a board and in pretty rough shape but I took it to a frame shop and had it matted and framed. I have no idea what it is worth since I cannot seem to find a print of Troubador online. Carolyn, where is your shop?

    • carolyn simmons said

      Tammy Mason’s Music is in Dalton is my father-in-law’s store.The painting hung in the store for years. When the orginal owner passed away the painting went to my husband. We have it now and like yours it is in rough shape but mostly around the picture not the picture its self. Yours was the only one I could find on line so it made me wonder about mine. It is on a dark brown hard board. It also has his signature on the top of it. Thats how I found out who the artist was. When I said my shop I ment my husbands work shop.

      • lINDA JONES said

        I also believe I have the original with signature (along with another post of the same). How do we find out if we (who) have the original and the value of what we have?

  10. Carolyn Simmons said

    Trying to find out about an old oil painting by Edmond Oppenhem The Wandering Wayfer Trubador

  11. Constance Pinion said

    Bought A Print Of The Wandering Wayfarer (Troubador) By Oppenheim At A Flea Market.It. has a Washington state art gallery sticker on the back of the frame with print # U-120 . We paid $15.00 For it today 4/5/2014

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