Greatest American Painters

Ralph Burke Tyree (1921 – 1979)

Posted by M.R.N. on November 18, 2011

Polynesian Nude

Local Girl

Local Girl II

Tai, Island Girl Portrait

Standing Nude Woman

Agada Guam

The Yellow Lei

Orange Pareo And Waterfall

Rora In The Rain

The Girl From Mulifanua

Hawaii Nude Girl

Polynesian Girl


Sam Makekau

Sam Makekau


title unknown

title unknown

title unknown

title unknown



Tahitian Beauty

Tahitian Beauty

title unknown

title unknown


7 Responses to “Ralph Burke Tyree (1921 – 1979)”

  1. Tami Kelley said

    anyone know anything about where these paintings are now and their worth? Especially “Makekau”

    • Jeff said

      We inherited Makekau from our parents.
      We live in Ripon California.
      we also inherited a beautiful painting that we think our Father purchased because it looks like my wife. we would love to talk to you about these beautiful paintings.
      cell number 209 505 6069

      • Tami said

        I, also, inherited a Makekau from my father. There were a few different versions that I know of. Mine is one Tyree did on velvet and is still in the original black hewn wood frame. Dad purchased this sometime between 1968 and 1970. I know he had it, along with two others, when we went to visit him in Hawaii the summer of 1970. He gave it to us for a wedding present in 1975. He purchased it in Kailua Kona from a friend of Tyree’s who had a gallery there at that time. He was the only owner til he gave it to us. I remember Olga, the gallery owner, telling dad that there were only three museums in the world that had Tyree’s works. And there were some private series he did for a few people that were works all in one color, although, I have yet to see evidence of any of these.

  2. JDV said

    You can find his originals on ebay occasionaly. This one was around $2,500

  3. Melanie said

    I found a painting called “island Birds” by Tyree anyone know anything?

  4. Jeremy said

    I’m doing some research of Ralph Burke Tyree. Does anyone know if there’s a definitive account of his life and works? A museum of some kind? There’s really only bits and pieces of information available online. Thanks!

    • Melanie said

      Jeremy, Sorry I don’t know anything but what I found on line. I found a painting at a thrift the other day and was curious. It’s of 2 sea birds.

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