Greatest American Painters

Edna Crompton

Posted by American Gallery on November 3, 2011

Flapper Girl In Flowered Dress

Young Woman In Rose-Patterned Dress

Woman At Beach

Flapper Girl In Mink Stole

Red Book cover

Red Book cover

Red Book cover

Red Book cover

Red Book cover

Window Shopping

Woman With Ice Skates

Metropolitan cover

Keystone Emery Mills calendar

Tea Spoons

A Plane Case

Vanishing Cream

3 Responses to “Edna Crompton”

  1. I love these twenties portraits – especially the first one! I think I should take a closer look to Edna Crompton’s Art!
    Thank’s for sharing!

  2. Irene Lee said

    Is there any chance that this artist is also Edna Crampton who married Enoch Vognild ? The cat painting is so similar to painting of cats by Edna Vognild.

  3. Irene Lee said

    Sorry just found more on Edna Crompton she is not Crampton who married Vognild

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