Greatest American Painters

Miles Williams Mathis

Posted by American Gallery on October 13, 2011

Liebestod (Tristan And Isolde)

Fiona In White

In The Crook Of The Tree

Moroccan Girl


Galway Musician

L’Eau Froide

The Mirror


First Snow

Tess At 14

Summer Sun

Sofie Green

The Blue Bed

Irish Song

Sur le balcon

Nude Reading

Jeanne d’Arc Finding The Sword Of Ste. Catherine de Fierbois

Nude In Rocker


Blue Blanket

Irish Girl

Nude With Teacup


6 Responses to “Miles Williams Mathis”

  1. Love them!

  2. Great Paintings.

  3. Congratulations!
    Csaba Koncz painter

  4. joaquin hermen said

    This man seems to have no idea of how to bring a sense of life to his paintings. They are the works of a dilletante who has reached a level of accomplishment but is unable or unwilling to go further.It is rare to see such a soul-less, thoroughly detached and cold selection of paintings.

  5. Paul Garabedian said

    The work of this artist is marred by a poor color and drawing and too many big-eyed girls with nothing interesting about them. Mathis has a website where he bitterly criticizes other contemporary artists, including Bo Bartlett. Maybe Mathis should spend time improving his own work instead.

  6. Julie Anne crook said

    I think they are fantastic !!! Julie crook

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