Greatest American Painters

Dick Sargent (1911 – 1978)

Posted by M.R.N. on September 28, 2011

Mom, I Cleaned My Room

Cub Scouts In Phone Booth

First Valentine

No Quiet For Daddyo

Crashing Mom’s Card Party

Dr. And The Dog

Frog In The Library

Late Commuter

Parisian Artist & Tourist

Father And Son Approach The Breakfast Table

Hunting His Tux For The Party

Picking Poindexter

Singing Praise

All Wrapped Up In Christmas

Cold Water Swimmer

The Fat Lady Sings

Watering Father

Truth About Santa

Violin Practice

Injection Time At The Pediatrician’s Office

Sticking Out His Tongue

Child Psychology

7 Responses to “Dick Sargent (1911 – 1978)”

  1. Bruce said

    I thought there might be a connection between the two . . .

    “Dick Sargent (April 19, 1930 – July 8, 1994) was an American actor, notable as the second actor to portray Darrin Stephens on the television series Bewitched. The actor took the name Dick Sargent from a Saturday Evening Post illustrator/artist of the same name.”

  2. Great post and great web, congratulations Suzay.

  3. Stu Mead said

    I’m now a big fan of Dick Sargent thanks to this post. Thanks!

  4. Xenophon said

    Looks quite a bit like Norman Rockwell

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