Greatest American Painters

David Hettinger (1946)

Posted by M.R.N. on September 2, 2011

Girl Talk

Special Book

The Red Dress

Studio Repose

City Studio

Window On The Fox


Chenoa And Bear

A Comfortable Chair

The Question

A Mother’s Comfort

Blue Carpet

Bowl Of Cherries



Forever And Ever

The Critic

Late Light

Dancing In The Willows

Summer Repose

Sunday On LeGrand


Summer Dreamer

Her Apple

3 Responses to “David Hettinger (1946)”

  1. Fabio said

    Belli, li trovo anche molto femminili… nonostante il sesso dell’artista.

  2. J W Robinson said

    This captures contemporary life, although I miss seeing men………

  3. Paul Garabedian said

    Hettinger has painted some striking painterly compositions over the years. He manages to give a convincing sense of natural light in his outdoor scenes.

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