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Arnold Lorne Hicks

Posted by M.R.N. on August 6, 2011

Teasing Grandpa

Monarch Coffee ad

Oliver Twist

Oliver Twist

The Prince And The Pauper

The Black Arrow

The Black Arrow

The Murders In The Rue Morgue

Michael Strogoff

Michael Strogoff

Michael Strogoff

Native Americans Sending Smoke Signals

Native American Chief Addressing Elders

Native American Hunting Buffalo

Native American Man Teaching Son To Use Bow And Arrow

Native Americans Weaving Reeds

Native Americans Harvesting Wild Rice

Native Americans Making Canoe

Native Americans Performing War Dance

Native Americans Preparing Corn

Native Americans Tanning Buffalo Hide And Stringing Snowshoes

Native Americans Weaving And Making Pottery

4 Responses to “Arnold Lorne Hicks”

  1. As an Ojibwe American Indian, I have to say these are very tragic paintings. Not one of these paintings is correct in terms of the subject it claims to represent. For many years artists imposed themselves on American Indians, usually never even bothering to get their names. There are so many paintings like this, American Indians find them depressing and offensive. It is interesting to see the history of art here that you share, it is a great project and I respect it. I understand you are presenting art and not judging it, which is ok with me, I respect it. At the same time it is almost physically painful to see these essentially racist images perpetuated and given value, though I understand the inevitability of that. American Indians are nearly drowning in the great ocean of fantasies, lies and distortions perpetuated upon them by so-called respectable artists. I suppose many minority groups might have the same concern, like African Americans for example. But it is particularly true that the artists of the world have exploited and misrepresented American Indians for centuries, with no end in sight. Having said that, I appreciate your project and always look forward to my visits here to see what is new. best regards.

    • Suzay Lamb said

      The purpose of this blog is not to satisfy my personal artistic taste but to show the American pictorial art in all its aspects. My only intent is to provide a sort of permanent archive. As you perfectly said I’m not judging. I have my opinions and my preferences, this is obvious, but it’s not my purpose to let them know. I realize that, for various reasons, some paintings may be considered objectionable or offensive (and, let me assure you, the illustrations made by Arnold Hicks left me quite puzzled too) but, at the same time, they can also be useful to understand how it changed the way we see things.

  2. Marie Hockett said

    I have uncovered an Arnold Lorne Hicks painting in an estate sale and wonder if anyone has an idea in where to get the best appraisal.

  3. Marie Hockett said

    Hi All,

    I have an original Arnold Lorne Hicks oil on canvas. It is of an older gentleman sitting to one side (possibly Mark Twain) reading a paper titled War Today with a picture of war in the background resembling the civil war era. I have had conservation done on it with explicit detail on the work done. The frame was also restored and is the original. Does anyone know if there is a collector out there that is interested in his work. He was known for his commercial ads illustrations and Indian renderings. Any help would be appreciated.

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