Greatest American Painters

Ben Kimberly Prins (1902 – 1980)

Posted by M.R.N. on July 28, 2011


Vacation Plans

Baby Bridge Party

Doughnuts For Loose Change

U.S. – Canadian Border At Waterton-Glacier Park

Friendly City

Candidate Clash

New Year’s Eve Babysitter

Commuter Station Snowed In

Thunderstorm At The Shore


Bridge Construction

Making A Wave

Float Flat

Clubhouse On Rainy Day

Glenville High Boosters

Hot Dogs

New Year’s Eve – New Year’s Aftermath

Fireman’s Ball

Cutting The Cake

Christmas Morning

5 Responses to “Ben Kimberly Prins (1902 – 1980)”

  1. Babo said

    Thank you very much for this set of illustrations by this artist. The drawing/ sketch “new years baby sitter” was on my 8th grade history book under “America in the 1950s” and I always wondered who painted it.

  2. bill prins said

    I am the grandson of Ben Prins and my parents and I are actually models in several of his covers. I spent many hours in his barn studio in Wilton watching him mix colors and paint. I was wondering if you know where any of the original paintings may be found (or purchased). Our family owns 5 covers, but back in the day, my grandfather would hand the painting to Curtis and they would hand him a check. Where these cover paintings ended up is anyone’s guess. Bill Prins

    • Barbara Kelly said

      I have the painting “Making A Wave” and purchased it many years ago at the Roundtree estate in San Antonio, TX

  3. amedee Moran said

    I have a portrait of my sister painted in1970 by your grandfather.

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