Greatest American Painters

James Frothingham (1786 – 1864)

Posted by M.R.N. on July 14, 2011

Lucia Pickering

Jonathan Brooks

Mrs William Ware (Mary Waterhouse)

Henry Ware sr.

Elizabeth Brooks

Christopher Colles

Ann Trusell

Benjamin Waterhouse

Captain Joseph Peabody

Catharine Littlefield Greene Miller

Samuel Barber Clark

Isaac Wood

The Painter, Thomas Badger

Unidentified Man

William Badger

J. Brooks

Reverend Dr. Cutler

George Washington (after Gilbert Stuart)

3 Responses to “James Frothingham (1786 – 1864)”

  1. Bruce said

    How would you like to spend all that money having your portrait done, thinking that now you will be immortalized, your name remembered and your image admired by generations to come, only to end up as “Unidentified Man”?

  2. Colin Sargent said

    Hi, I’m looking for a portrait James Frothingham (1786-1864) made of Capt. Henry White, an ancestor of mine, for sentimental reasons. If you know where I might find this oil portrait, please email me at
    I appreciate any leads you might provide.
    Best wishes,
    Colin Sargent

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