Greatest American Painters

Nicola Marschall (1829 – 1917)

Posted by M.R.N. on July 4, 2011

Girl Portrait

Young Girl With Cat

General Nathan Bedford Forrest

Joseph Desha Pickett

James Proctor Knott, Governor Of Kentucky

Zitella Cocke

The Hale Child

Napoleon Lockett

Henry Clay

Self-Portrait 1867

Self-Portrait 1881

Self-Portrait 1893

Colonel James William Bondurant

Evelyn Sarah DuBose Bondurant

Judah P. Benjamin

title unknown

George Madison, Governor of Kentucky

Mrs. Maxwell

Portrait Of A Woman

Ida Sykes Billups

John Adair, Governor Of Kentucky

Sarah Rebecca Robins

Portrait Of An Infant

6 Responses to “Nicola Marschall (1829 – 1917)”

  1. Wolfgang Ulbrich said

    Your “Self-portrait 1881” was not painted by Nicola Marschall. I wrote a book on Marschall’s bio in German. Wolfgang Ulbrich, Nicola Marschall (1829 – 1917) Ein Maler aus St. Wendel im amerkianischen Sueden, St. Ingbert 2012, (Roehrig Universitaetsverlag)

  2. geriler said

    My grandmother’s best friend in Louisville KY, was Nicola Marschall’s granddaughter – who gave her a lovely portrait of – I believe – Nicola’s wife. Whoever it is, it’s a jewel that I now own, and cherish

    • Wolfgang Ulbrich said

      As I wrote a book on Marschall I would be interested in Geriler’s portrait (in a photo mail to me). I am sure I can tell you whose portrait you really own. I am also in contact with the descendants.

      • geriler said

        Hi Wolfgang, I’d be glad to do that if you can figure a way to get me your email address. I’ve been in touch with some folks in Birmingham, AL, who feel it’s likely his wife Mattie, which is what family lore has always been. Yes, I’m also in touch with the descendants, who have been friends since childhood. They’re not sure about who it is.

  3. Wolfgang Ulbrich said

    Hi Geriler, my e-mail for a contact is My book (in German) but with 40 photos of Marschall portraits and US documents in available on the net. Owsley has got it. Title: Nicola Marschall – Ein Maler aus St. Wendel in den amerikanischen Südstaaten.

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