Greatest American Painters

Michael Gnatek (1934 – 2006)

Posted by M.R.N. on June 25, 2011

Red Arrow At War – The 32nd Infantry Division At Buna, Papua, New Guinea, December 1942

Island By Island

The Grim Face Of War

Buffalo Soldier

Confederate Green

The Homecoming

54th Massachusetts

General George Armstrong Custer


Mountain Man

General Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain

Wind River Hunter

General James Longstreet

General Lee & Traveller

Patton In North Africa

Patton At Bastogne

General Nathan Bedford Forrest & King Phillip

President Abraham Lincoln


4th Texas Vol Inf, Hood’s Brigade

President Theodore Roosevelt

Sergeant Carney’s Flag

Echoes In The Wild

2 Responses to “Michael Gnatek (1934 – 2006)”

  1. Belinda Rives said

    I have a print by Michael Gnatek excellent condition
    The Last Cavalier,Major General JEB Stuart
    This print is framed,matted.signed & numbered
    would like to sell
    Belinda Rives

  2. darian sparrow said

    i have a print #129 of 600 made and signed by michael gnatek called the “SUNDANCER”..what is it value for todays market..

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