Greatest American Painters

Adelaide Hiebel (1886 – 1968)

Posted by M.R.N. on June 23, 2011

Indian Maidens On Rocks

Hiawatha’s Honeymoon

Apple Blossom Time

Indian Maiden Holding A Water Lily


True Friendship

Month Of Rose

Sewing Our Flag

By The Waters Of Minnetonka

My Love’s Like A Bunch Of Roses

Boy And Faithful Dog

Indian Maiden

A Faithful Friend

A Cute Couple

Children Of The Forest

Woman Waiting For A Ship

Guardian Of Yosemite

Mount Shasta, California

16 Responses to “Adelaide Hiebel (1886 – 1968)”

  1. Katerine Amaya said

    I have a few of Heibels works and please tell me what I should do with them at this point ?

  2. Katerine Amaya said

    I have “Gates Of The Forrest” for one.

  3. I have a heibel painting or print not sure which one. Got it from a thrift shop.
    How do I find out the name of the painting? It’s a young womam (bust shot photo) holding violets in front of her. It’s in a old frame, and I afraid to handle it to much. However I did look on the back, but still do not see a name or any info. 22 X 27

  4. Barbara said

    We found a print of hers of Mt. Shasta. Would love to know what it’s worth…

  5. Cheryl said

    I have a print called Tom and Jerry Scott’s terriors found it in a box of old stuff I had

  6. Feliciano Pedro Freitas said

    I have a Print of”Monarch of the Golden West” What year was it made What is it worth

  7. Tawn Chi said

    I have a beautiful original painting of two children in a red wagon and a dog. It is one of the series of paintings she did for a safety calendar. I would like to sell it. Anyone interested?

  8. Judy said

    I have 2 original pastels given to my husband’s grandmother in 1920. Grandma said she received them as a wedding gift from her when Adelaide was living in the Waterloo, WI area. The pastels are not signed. Can they verified some how?

  9. It is sold, but it definitely belongs here, if only because it is an original painting:

  10. I have a picture titled “Me and My Dog”. It was given to me by a friend for a housewarming gift years ago. Do you know anything about this one by Adelaide Hiebel? I wanted to do some spring cleaning and don’t know what to do with it.

  11. Sharon Miles said

    I am looking to purchase a print or original of Adelaide Hiebel Title is “Queen of the Wildvood”, it is an indian maiden with a fawn.

  12. Ed Harwell said

    I have inherited a print named The Vagabond. Do you know anything about this one by Adelaide Hiebel? My mother- in- law has had the print for many years.
    Thanks, Ed

  13. Jerry Bassett said

    I have an Adelaide Hiebel print of an Indian maiden carving a heart into a tree next to a stream. It is a Gelach-Barklow print, and I was trying to find the title of this work.

  14. janice gilliam said

    have a large print of a young girl in a field of daisies. what is the value, if any, on this print?

  15. Eddie Haeffer said

    I just took an old picture from an old frame and found “Adelaide Hiebel” My Dream Girl behind it, how can i tell if it’s valuable?

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